Halfway Creek brigade’s Cat1 tanker which has served us well for many years has just been updated to the very latest Rural Fire Service unit. The new Isuzu tanker features a more powerful engine coupled to a computerized automatic gearbox with constant high range all wheel drive and electronically selectable low range 4 wheel drive.

Fire fighting capabilities are also much improved with bigger more powerful pumps to deliver more water more quickly, electric re-winders on the hose reels to assist crews to move quickly from one position to another.

It has many new safety features including enhanced protection sprays to blanket the whole unit in the case of an over-run as well as heat resistant window blinds, more room in the cab area and other crew comforts.

It sports the newest red and yellow striping and lots of flashing led lights for improved visibility as well as a reversing camera and forward a facing infrared camera to help the driver navigate in smokey conditions.