On Tuesday night Halfway Creek RFS Cat 1 responded to a triple zero call for vehicle on fire in Kungala Road. When we got there the sports car was well and truly on fire and there was little could be done but commiserate with the owner who had lost his “Pride and Joy”. It was, 30 minutes ago, a Lotus Esprite similar to that used as a submarine in the James Bond movie “The Spy who Love Me” but the way more powerful 350 sports version.

We watched helplessly as it burnt to a molten mess of alloy and fiberglass strands until some hours later the remains were finally dragged onto the flat top and removed. It was sad to see such a unique and treasured vehicle destroyed, but there was nothing could be done to save it.
Lotus Esprit 350 Sports (Small)IMAG0568 (Small) IMAG0551 (Small) IMAG0558_edited-1 (Small).