Please see more details below. Contact Brigade on 6649 4712 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





You still must give at least 24 hrs notice to your neighbours & the RFS on 6644 5135 (bus hrs).

You may also need environmental approval. To download the relevant RFS brochure (1.9mb)  Click Here

Thursday, 27 March 2014 19:52


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Halfway Creek Rural Fire Brigade is compiling a register of contact details for residents in the brigade area, so where possible we can advise owners and/or tenants in the event of a fire that may threaten them or their property.

If you want to be included  please phone Laura (brigade secretary) on 6649 4712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The list would only be used in an emergency and only by senior brigade officers.



Do you have a smart phone.

If so you can get  up to date Fire Information by downloading the N.S.W. Rural Fire Service "Fires Near Me" app for either Iphones or Android devices.

Just search "Fires Near Me" and choose your phone type.   



Saturday, 12 April 2014 14:00

Small Fire on Pacific Highway

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Halfway Creek Cat 7's crew extinguished a small fire on the east side of the highway just north of Luthers Road. Although only small it could have been a serious problem as that area hasn't fire for many years. Tony, Lloyd and Clare had it well in control when Matt, Kevin and Laura arrived from a training course at Ulmarra FCC.

Sunday, 16 March 2014 13:40

Omega Drive, Kungala

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MVA Nov 2013

Sunday afternoon we were asked to assist those brigades already at or approaching a fire in Omega Drive. Laura and I attended directly from home and assisted Lanitza 1 in preventing the fire from reaching one home while other brigades covered the other two threatened homes until Lloyd arrived in our Cat 7 and a bit later Matt can to assist. The fire was very aggressive and quickly burnt about 70 ha and was running out of control until the weather worked in our favour and a sudden sharp storm dropped about 20 mm which doused the fire leaving us with just a mopping up operation and many trees still alight but no apparent problems or threat of further spread. The fire was patrolled and revisited at about 9 pm that night and again at 10 am the next morning. It all appeared to be out or safely in the black but that afternoon we were called out again and with a Lanitza crew, Tony, Matt and Kevin in Halfway Ck 7 did a small back burn at a property at the south end of the fire, to finally control the fire. Tony and Matt patrolled again on Tuesday morning.

Monday, 24 February 2014 06:00

Truck runs 4wd & caravan off Highway

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At 6 am the morning after the Reilleys Lane fire we were called out to an accident on the highway near Parker Road where a B-Double had collided with the rear of a slow moving 4wd and caravan forcing them off the road. The elderly driver was taken to hospital by ambulance. The accident scene was deemed to be fire safe so we returned to the station at around 9 am.

Sunday, 23 February 2014 12:30

Reilleys Lane, Glenugie

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Rielleys Lane

This Sunday morning was our usual training time and after a busy morning practicing and refining our pumping and water transfer skills with both units at Clearwater Creek, we took a break and had a delightful morning tea at Bill Skelly's place. This was followed by several fire over run practices and pump/hose recoveries. As we were leaving Glenugie was asked to respond to a fire in Reilleys Lane and our offer to assist was quickly accepted. We arrived at the fire, mostly a grass fire, well established with a couple of homes at some risk. The Cat 7 with Tony and Matt went into the properties to the south covering the houses and preventing further spread assisting Glenugie 7 while the Cat 1 with Kevin, Lloyd, Clare, Laura and Jeanette remained on Reilleys Lane putting out the northern edge of the fire. A pump was placed at a nearby dam as all units were using plenty of water. By evening the fire was all but out and we left Glenugie to patrol and finish blacking out. A lot more "training" than was planned.

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 16:39

New Year fire at Rediger Close

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MVA Nov 2013MVA Nov 2013MVA Nov 2013

Less than 17 hours into 2014 Halfway Creek 7 responded to a small fire on the old highway at the corner of Rediger Close. It appeared to have been deliberately lit as it was burning on both sides of the road. We extinguished the west side. Then put in a small back burn on the east side at the creek and allowed the fire to burn out. Tony, Kevin, Matt and Laura attended, Laura and Kevin met the crew at the fire. We returned to the station around 8 pm. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013 03:30

Car Fire at Station Creek

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MVA Nov 2013MVA Nov 2013MVA Nov 2013

At 3:20 am on Boxing Day Halfway Creek 7 responded to a car on fire at Station Creek campgrounds. By the time the crew (Tony, Greg & Kevin) arrived the car was well and truly gone we put out the car remains to prevent any spread to the surrounding bush. Tony called the ambulance as the driver who was asleep in his car when it went up in flames suffered smoke inhalation, the police also attended but it appeared to be just an accident. We returned to the station at about 6 am.

Thursday, 28 November 2013 09:27

Caravan & truck collision

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MVA Nov 28 2013MVA Nov 28 2013MVA Nov 28 2013

Halfway Creek Cat 1 responded to another serious highway collision this time involving a 4wd and caravan and an empty tipper and dog. the two people in the 4wd were badly injured and transferred to hospital. Tony (Captain) and Matt with a crew from Glenugie assist Fire & Rescue, ambulance and police and when it was all over cleaned up the site so the highway could be reopened. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 18:00

Pacific Highway

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MVA Nov 2013MVA Nov 2013MVA Nov 2013

Halfway Creek and Glenugie’s Cat 1s attended another fatal motor vehicle accident at almost the same spot on the highway just south of Kungala Road. The south bound car crossed onto the wrong side and was totalled by the north bound B-double. It was a long night for all, after midnight before we were able to start clearing up the mess and well into the early morning before the truck was finally recovered and the highway re-opened.

Friday, 11 October 2013 09:00

Athol Glen Road, Glenreagh

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Athol Glen Oct 2013Athol Glen Oct 2013Athol Glen Oct 2013

Athol Glen Oct 2013Athol Glen Oct 2013Athol Glen Oct 2013

Halfway Creek had the Cat 1 at this fire on the 11th and 13th and the Cat 7 on the 14th. The Cat 1 was used mostly in property defense and for refueling smaller units, although the Cat 1 was put to better use at the end of the second day to pump water through 240 metres of hose 80 metres up to cover Parks & Wildlife crews back burning at Ewans Gap on Sherwood Creek Road. On the 14th the Cat 7 was involved in back burning along Athol Glen Road with lots of other units and a water bombing chopper.

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