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You still must give at least 24 hrs notice to your neighbours and for large burns the RFS on 6644 5135

You may also need environmental approval. To download the relevant RFS brochure (1.9mb)  Click Here

Thursday, 27 March 2014 19:52


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Halfway Creek Rural Fire Brigade is compiling a register of contact details for residents in the brigade area, so where possible we can advise owners and/or tenants in the event of a fire that may threaten them or their property.

If you want to be included  please phone Laura (brigade secretary) on 6649 4712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The list would only be used in an emergency and only by senior brigade officers.



Do you have a smart phone.

If so you can get  up to date Fire Information by downloading the N.S.W. Rural Fire Service "Fires Near Me" app for either Iphones or Android devices.

Just search "Fires Near Me" and choose your phone type.   



Monday, 14 July 2014 16:25

Orara Way fire

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Soon after having left the Stoney Ridge Road fire Grafton 9 was diverted to another fire on the Orara Way just south of the Lanitza servo. They requested assistance and Lanitza 1 which had just returned to station was sent. As soon as we left Stoney Ridge we were also sent to assist. The fire was yet another owner's burn gone feral, but when we arrived the other two crews had done the bulk of the work so we assisted with a difficult blacking out. As access was poor to non existent, long hose runs were necessary, hard work after an already busy day. It was handed over to the resident about 7 pm and we all went home for dinner and a well earned break.

Monday, 14 July 2014 09:01

Stoney Ridge Road

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Laura and Kevin crewed on Lanitza 7 with Steve their captain to check and patrol an escaped burn on Stoney Ridge Road, which Lanitza had been at all day yesterday. Initially all was fine but by lunch time a change of wind caused the fire to come down the ridge and towards several residences. We were able to contain it along the roadway but it continued to burn higher up the ridge south towards the residences.

It was decided to put in a back burn behind the homes and along the road to hopefully contain the fire. Assistance was asked for and Lanitza 1 and Grafton 9 duly arrived but Coutts Crossing 7 was diverted en-route to another fire. Grafton 9 lit up behind the homes while we completed the line to link up with the fire. When it was completed both crews blacked out the edges and monitored until it was safe to leave.  


Wednesday, 02 July 2014 14:00

Parker Road hazard reduction

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Halfway Creek RFB team completed a small asset protection burn for a landowner in Parker Road. Both the Cat 1 and 7 were used to successfully burn the dry grass areas around the residence. The burn created a quite a bit of smoke and was completed in a couple of hours. It was good practice for our crews for what is looking like a bad fire season.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014 13:34

Parker Road fire

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Another escapee; this time a pile burn which spread to burn a couple of acres of dry grass. Halfway Creek RFB was called when the property owner was worried it may cross Parker Road. However by the time we arrived in the Cat 7 it was pretty well under control so we stayed and watched until the grass fire burnt out and the owner was left monitoring the still burning piles.

Thursday, 12 June 2014 19:42

Lanitza-Kungala RFB Newsletter

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Hi and welcome to our winter newsletter. 

The brigade had an active end to the season with a number of motor vehicle accidents and several fires which were the result of being careless with fire. I'm disappointed that there are some who ignore restrictions and light a fire without a permit during the fire season. These permits are there for a reason and that's to prevent loss of life and property from an out of control fire. In March a fire lit on an extreme fire danger day had spread to 10 properties burning 150 hectares. A house was almost lost because no asset protection measures had been in place. Luckily a fire truck arrived just in time to save the dwelling. In April a fire was left unattended and escaped to burn 80 hectares. A good effort from volunteers at these fires prevented them from becoming much bigger and doing some serious damage.

The dry summers of recent years are evidence that we are returning to an El Nino climate and a heightened risk of major fires in the area. The weather forecast is for a dry winter and an even dryer summer than last season. Lanitza-Kungala is already a high risk area due to the high vegetation coverage and when you add the extreme weather conditions the chance of a catastrophic fire becomes much higher. My observations over the past few fire seasons tell me that properties are not adequately protected from a fire encroaching onto their property and threatening their house and for that reason the brigade will be conducting an information day as part of our Community Engagement Program. The event will be held at the Kungala Community Centre, Curlew Drive on 21 June from 10am - 12 noon. The objective is to provide information to residents on fire prevention and asset protection. Whether you live in a house, a shed, a caravan or a tent, or if you have pets or stock, there's something that will assist you to stay safe from fire. Surrounded by bush and need to reduce the fuel load? Then now is the time to talk to us and find out what can be done. Trained volunteers and staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer some literature to take home with you. Nobody ever looked stupid from asking a question that could save their home from fire but one sure does look stupid when an asset is lost from something that was preventable.


Steve Gardiner

Brigade Captain Lanitza-Kungula RFB

This article is reprinted from the Lanitza-Kungala Rural Fire Brigade's Winter 2014 newsletter and reflects the situation and feelings in most of our local RFS brigades.


Wednesday, 28 May 2014 14:00

Luthers Road, Halfway Creek

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Yet another property burn that got away! Halfway Creek 7 was called out to a fire that had crossed the boundary into a neighbouring property. It was only small so we were able to quickly bring it under control and blacked it out with the assistance of Lanitza 7.

Thursday, 15 May 2014 14:00

Car trailer fire Pacific Highway

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The brigade was called out to assist an unfortunate local whose trailer contents had caught fire. Once located the small fire was extinguished and the driver assisted on his way. Thanks to Lanitza RFS for providing a driver.

Sunday, 27 April 2014 09:00

Firth Heinz Rd, Pillar Valley

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This months training session, at the captain's property in Grays Road was on preparation for a hazard reduction burn which included lots of discussion on the use of the Forest Fire Danger Meter, fuels and fuel types and an attempted trial burn. The trial burn was a bit of a fizz-er even though as the photo shows we used our blower in an attempt to get it happening. Around midday most of the crew adjourned for a cuppa and a sausage sandwich before returning to the station. Shortly thereafter FireCom was calling for crews to go to a fire at Pillar Valley. Peter, our newest member/driver, Laura and Kevin responded in the Cat 7. It was a fair drive and by the time we arrived the fire was pretty much under control, we assisted with a bit of blacking out and returned to station just after 3 pm, refilled the appliance and went home. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014 15:30

Florda Prince/Gold, Wells Crossing

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Florda Gold Apr 2014

Easter Sunday afternoon following a 000 call, which Halfway Creek was unable to respond to, Laura & I offered to join the short handed Lanitza Cat 1 crew to attend a fire at Florda Gold Drive Wells Crossing. We were first on scene to a well established fire which had jumped the track and was threatening a large packing shed. We quickly stopped the fire a the shed and turned our attentions to the main front, and with Glenugie 1 which arrived not long after, we attempted to stop any further spread south of what was an aggressive fast moving fire. I rang Clare as an additional crew member and she joined us in her own vehicle, a much welcome assistance, thanks Clare. More units arrived Glenreagh, Coutts Crossing and Braunstone Cat 7's and Group 2 leader. A plan of action was quickly formulated with the 7s back-burning along the northern and western flanks while the two Cat 1s prevented any further spread on the South west corner, mopping up and putting out trees and a couple of spot overs. By late evening the wind had dropped and the humidity increase allowed us to finally put it out. Sorry the photos (taken when it was almost all over) don't show how big the fire was but we needed all our efforts to control this one.

The following morning Lanitza and Halfway Creek Cat 7s did a check and mopped up the remaining persistent smokers and proclaimed the fire out.

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