Changed traffic conditions and night work on the Pacific Highway at Halfway Creek

Changes to the Pacific Highway between Kungala Road and Wells Crossing will be occur from late November 2016, weather permitting.

How will this affect your journey?

All Pacific Highway traffic will be moved onto the new northbound carriageway for about two kilometres between Kungala Road and Wells Crossing at Halfway Creek.

The new section of carriageway connects to the three kilometres of new carriageway that opened in September between Lemon Tree Road and Kungala Road. This section of road travels across the new bridge at Halfway Creek re-joining the existing highway at Wells Crossing.

This change will take place in two stages and take approximately four days, weather permitting.

Stage one

Northbound highway traffic will be moved onto one lane of the new northbound carriageway and the southbound traffic will remain on the existing highway as part of stage one traffic changes.

This allows concrete barriers on the existing highway to be safely moved onto the new northbound highway. It will take about four days to move and reposition the concrete barriers.

Kungala Road

During stage one the intersection at Kungala Road will be realigned to connect to the new section of highway. Motorists accessing the Benefields Rose Farm from the Pacific Highway will continue to use Kungala Road to enter and exit the business.

Luthers Road

Local access at Luthers Road will change while the barriers are moved. At this time a new local access road between Luthers Road and the Pacific Highway will open. The local access road and temporary intersection at Luthers Road is located between Halfway Creek Bridge and Wells Crossing. Signage will be in place to assist motorists. Traffic changes include:

  • to travel north from Luthers Road motorists will need to use this new local access road to enter the highway.
  • to travel south from Luthers Road continue to use the existing Pacific Highway.
  • to enter Luthers Road from the Pacific Highway motorists will use the new local access road.

Stage two

Southbound highway traffic will be moved onto one lane of the new northbound carriageway, after the barriers have been moved to the new northbound highway.  At this time all Pacific Highway traffic will be travelling on the new carriageway, one lane in each direction.

At this stage small sections of existing Pacific Highway will be closed permanently. Access will be maintained for nearby residents via the new local access road at Luthers Road.

This traffic arrangement will remain during this stage of the work and allows the new southbound carriageway to be built. These traffic arrangements will change as future work progresses. We will notify the community before changes are made.

The school bus will continue as normal using the temporary bus stop on Kungala Road. We have provided maps below to display the traffic changes.

Night work

During stage one traffic changes night work will be required. This will occur between 6pm to 7am each night, weather permitting.

The work involves line marking, moving concrete barriers and the installation of new road signage. Lighting towers, traffic control and reduced speed limits will be in place.

There will be some noise associated with this work. We will make every effort to minimise the impact of noise on nearby residents. All work will be carried out in accordance with the project’s Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan and includes using low tone reversing beepers and planning tasks to minimise reversing of heavy machinery and trucks.


Work at night requires additional lighting. This lighting is positioned to direct light only on the work area and away from traffic. However it may be visible to some residents.

Up to date information on the night work and traffic changes will be displayed on electronic message signs. A member of the project team will be available on the project information line 24 hours a day during the night work to address any concerns.


For more information about the project or the changed traffic conditions, please contact us on 1800 778

900 (press 3) or visit

Thank you for your patience during this important work.

Stage one

Highway changes Nov 2016

Stage two

Highway changes Nov 2016 2