Halfway Creek brand new Cat1 tanker and crew responded to a B-Double on fire on the Highway at Grays Road. The trailers were completely destroyed and it was 10 hours later when finally the Halfway Creek RFS brigade could hose off roadway, return to station and brunch. Detaching the B double trailers took ages, plus towing them and collecting debris. Glenugie RFS provided a 4 person crew that draughted water from the creek 200m away to refill the Fire & Rescue/Hazmat tankers crews of which had to use breathing apparatus. That small connector pin between trailers that wouldn’t let go costing a lot of time, finally they took off the base plate underneath it. All in all a good result as the driver wasn’t hurt, he got the tractor away from the blazing trailers and the fire was eventually contained. It was a long night for all concerned and they deserve our congratulations.

Photos by courtesy of Danny Broeder Glenugie RFS