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Lanitza-Kungala RFS Summer newsletter

Please note that all permits will be suspended over the Christmas/New Year period. That is from midnight Thursday 18th December 2014 until midnight, Wednesday 7th January 2015. Please be aware that any phone numbers are relevant to the Lanitza-Kungala area, which is generally west of the railway line and includes Omega Drive and Kungala Road [...]

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Fish Hole Creek bush fire

About Wednesday a series of fires started north of Glenreagh and west of Flaggy Creek Nature Reserve. By Friday the fire was over 400 ha and National Parks asked for RFS assistance. Five brigades including Halfway Creek 7 responded and began an asset protection burn to prevent the fire moving any further east. Weather conditions [...]

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Orara Way bush fire

Sunday afternoon Halfway Creek 7 was called to assist Lanitza/Kungala 1 & 7 with a small fire on the Orara Way just north of Curlew Drive. Although the fire was relatively small adverse weather conditions made it potentially dangerous. On arrival we assisted Braunstone 1 to complete the back burn which Lanitza/Kungala crews had well [...]

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Omega Drive Hazard Reduction

Halfway Creek was asked to assist Lanitza/Kungala with a couple of HRs (hazard reduction) burns in Omega Drive. The burns included several small and one large pile burn, in general it is preferred that any piles should be much smaller than the one shown above. The residence shown could have been a problem but as [...]

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Pillar Valley Hazard Reduction

On Friday morning Halfway Creek 7 with a crew of three went to assist crews from Pillar Valley and several other Clarence brigades with a large hazard reduction burn. It took longer than expected due to several spot overs causing more fire than was intended.

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Florda Red Drive mop up

Halfway Creek 7 was again called out around 8 pm to check on flames seen by a Florda Red Drive resident and although it was deemed as safe it is expected that these call outs will continue until we get the promised rain. Whilst out we checked and extinguished a large tree which had fallen [...]

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Florda Red Drive

Cat 7 was patrolling along the Florda Drives and answered a call to yet another outbreak and a burning tree across the road. They also visited Grafton Police Station where the captain made a statement on what he understood had happened.

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