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Fires in Eight Mile Lane Glenugie

Last night just got to sleep when land line rang at 10:30 pm. Laura and I tumbled out of bed as the captain rang for a crew. There were multiple fires in and around Eight Mile Lane at Glenugie. Almost certainly deliberately lit. Lots of crews on scene, Pillar Valley, Glenugie and Braunstone; most of [...]

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Off to Tassie

Clare (standing left) a younger/fitter member of the Halfway Creek RFS crew left today for a weeks fire fighting duties in Tasmania. We wish her and all the Clarence Valley team a good trip, lots of mateship and most of all a safe return. Good on you Clare in sure many of us wish we [...]

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Motor Vehicle Accident training

Sunday morning all bright and breezy in our new Cat 1, the Halfway Creek regular crew rocked up to Glenugie RFB station to test and hone our pretty well practice skills in handling MVA's (Motor Vehicle Accidents). As usual the Glenugie brigade had done an excellent job in creating a very realistic scenario, in fact [...]

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Halfway Creek B-Double fire

Halfway Creek brand new Cat1 tanker and crew responded to a B-Double on fire on the Highway at Grays Road. The trailers were completely destroyed and it was 10 hours later when finally the Halfway Creek RFS brigade could hose off roadway, return to station and brunch. Detaching the B double trailers took ages, plus [...]

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Lanitza-Kungala RFS Autumn 2015 newsletter

Please be aware that any phone numbers are relevant to the Lanitza-Kungala area, which is generally west of the railway line and includes Omega Drive and Kungala Road west from Omega Drive. Any fire permit requests for the Halfway Creek and Wells Crossing areas should be directed to Halfway Creek RFS Tony Wade 0428 199 [...]

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New Fire Fighting unit

Halfway Creek brigade's Cat1 tanker which has served us well for many years has just been updated to the very latest Rural Fire Service unit. The new Isuzu tanker features a more powerful engine coupled to a computerized automatic gearbox with constant high range all wheel drive and electronically selectable low range 4 wheel drive. [...]

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Fire fighting helicopters vs drones

Never fly an RPA (remotely piloted aircraft ie drone, model aircraft or multi-rotor) near bush fires. Even a small RPA could bring down an aircraft or helicopter, so flying one any where near a bush fire could lead to fire fighting aircraft being grounded as they often have to fly very low. If an RPA [...]

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Fire Permit Suspension

Fire permits will once again be suspended over the Christmas / New Year period. That is from midnight, Thursday 18th December 2014 until midnight, Wednesday 7th January 2015. Please advise your neighbours if this is relevant. The members and crew of Halfway Creek brigade wish you all a Happy Christmas and if you are free [...]

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